Rig 8 – 24hr Mining Lotto


Feeling Lucky?

Rent this Thirteen Card 1660Ti Rig from TheMine, for 24hrs* at a time, and try your luck at solomining ravencoin. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the ravencoin foundation.

Current ravencoin block reward is 5000rvn, the pool takes 1.5% as a fee. The rest is yours if you hit a block. Miner will be configured to mine directly to your ravencoin wallet. If you hit a block the payout will be sent directly to you**. You can view and monitor the progress of the miner with the link that will be supplied to you via email. Lets help secure the Ravencoin network and donate to the foundation at the same time!

This particular rig is comprised of Thirteen MSI 1660Ti GPUs, the rig will be mining at http://rvn.solopool.org. This rig produces 175-180MH on average and is ready to run for you.

Multiple rigs can be rented by the same buyer for increased hashrate. If you would like to rent the machine for more than 24hrs please notify me after checkout of your first 24hr block. I will request additional payment and continue to run the miner to your specified wallet for the amount of days paid for (4 days continuous maximum).

Thank you and Good Luck!


* Uptime is 24hrs, if any interruptions occur any lost time will be added back to complete the 24hrs.

** Block rewards are by luck only.. finding a block reward is not guaranteed.

*** For any questions or inquiries please contact admin@minervn.com, or DM on Twitter @themine1500

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