Hello All!

I hope you are enjoying the site! We have added a new section for the Ravencoin NFTs we have collected. This was built to serve as a gallery for people to see some of the amazing talents out there on the Ravencoin blockchain. Currently there isnt a great way to display a large collection of NFTs so we did our best to make one on the site. I would like to thank Zebratif for setting up and organizing the NFT collection in webpage format, couldn’t have done it without him.

When you click on the tab at the top it takes you to a “Featured” page of NFTs… you must use the menu at the top to click through all the artists to see the works that have been collected from each. Some artists have collection sections that further expand out of the menu.. be sure to click them all!

Be sure to use the menu to navigate… if you only click the RVN NFT link you will be viewing a limited number of NFTs on the Featured page.. Thanks!

Thanks for checking it out!

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